The government provides free access to education to the children belonging to the lower strata of the society. Still, there are lakhs of children who do not make it to the schools. Labour work and begging remain to be the primary causes. To support their parents and generate income for the family, these children stop going to school and start working. 
It is our responsibility to make these children and their parents conscious of the importance of education. And as a part of society, you can provide education to those children who do not have access to schools through an initiative, "Pathanshaala" by Ladli Foundation. 


Pathanshaala, an initiative to provide basic education to street children, ragpickers & child beggars at Red-Light Crossings & Slums. We envision to spread awareness and motivate families by doing various fun activities, and reward-based competitions to develop an interest in studies with an aim to let kids continue their further education in the schools.


Under this initiative, Ladli provides access to primary education through online classes in slum areas. We also provide study material, meals along with toys to seek attention and encourage participation. We not only aspire to educate the children but also motivate their parents. Occasionally, there are specially designed workshops on sexual abuse to sensitize children and families about the harsh realities of the society.  

 Verification of your Contribution's Utilization

 At Ladli, we encourage upliftment of underprivileged people. We would like to invite you to experience the satisfaction of making someone smile. Someone who needs your help!
 We are grateful to all of you who have given us this opportunity. 
In order to utilize your contribution transparently, we invite you to attend our donation activities to benefit directly targeted beneficiaries. If you cannot join us in person, we can schedule a live Zoom Video Conference to participate with your family members.  To get the formal Invitation, please send your interest and contribution details (Screenshot) at

About Us

Driven by the upliftment of the underprivileged section, Ladli Foundation was established as a non-profit organization now in Special Consultative Status with United Nations, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). With a mission of building an inclusive, gender sensitized society with equal access to essential healthcare and educational amenities, the foundation has been diligently working in 50 districts across 10 states in India and known for implementing highly impactful and innovative action research initiatives with its effective community outreach in urban and rural slums. Having over 1 million beneficiaries, Ladli needs your support to continue serving underprivileged people and save young girls from clutches of trafficking to improve their conditions and dignity in life.