Mass marriage is an excellent concept that will help avoid excess expenditure & We think and believe it would immensely please sections of society who can’t afford marriages.


Ladli Foundation Trust has witnessed the lives of people living in slum areas from the most proximate realm. we has seen that prominence of women in these areas is lower than that of animals. Destitution is so deeply rooted that to get their daughters married at an appropriate age and over it in a dignified family seems to be a mirage that can never get shape in pragmatic life.

Birth of a male child is a matter of great elation and festivities in any family. But it’s the time to mourn in the highest decibels of despair, if an innocent girl is born in the family of lower strata. As it’s considered that her birth brings in the lifelong baggage of dowry. Right from the inception, efforts are made to save money for her marriage and other significant spheres of life such as educational and extra-curricular growth takes a back seat.


Ladli Foundation firmly believes that such women who are crossing the age of 25 to 30 and could not get education and even don’t want to be educated or not possible for them to learn at this stage and are economically so incompetent the best way to safeguard women out there is to get her married in a verified family where she can be safe from rackets of trafficking & prostitution, which can make her happy and protected where her offspring at least take birth in a different air of respect.

This situation required a much-awaited change, a change that could annihilate the title on women of being a  burden or a liability imposed on man, that could bestow on them the illumination of education, a change that gives them a higher stature in the society. In fact, it required a revolution rather than a change.

Why mass wedding useful?

Ladli Foundation brought this revolution, which not only marked its presence but also became historic and has abolished the prevalent prejudices. We did a magnanimous task of executing mass marriages of 1100 girls, apart from this; we also took the entire expense of these marriages on our shoulder and that too without any government aid. At least there is one thing in India that works beyond the demarcation of race, religion, and color. Girls no matter from where they belonged was helped in an egalitarian way by Ladli Foundation. Domestic utility items were given to each and every girl by him to ensure a beautiful dawn of their life. We give them “a voice of their own” and an optimism that will never wither away with time.

We take the responsibility to verify the family background and the history sheet of each groom that he holds no criminal record or not involve with any trafficking or organized prostitution groups, only then the knot is tied and his line of action does not stop there, we pays a visit after every 3 months to ensure the safety of these girls. The idea was validated when the review statistics appeared, to everyone’s astonishment, not even a single girl became the victim of dowry domestic violence they all are living their married lives happily and with self-esteem. The stats were supported by an official police certificate. All this has been achieved without any Governmental aid.

The biggest task of any revolution is to bring a change in the mindset of the people. Ladli Foundation accomplished this, the girls whom he got married have given birth to girls and not a single case of female infanticide has been reported to top it all they are being bestowed with education. Conspicuously, girls from this marginalized household are being sent to school. We have been the greatest blessing for these girls; he says that being the reason behind this revolution is the greatest honor of his life.


This contribution goes into organizing Mass wedding functions on regular basis on pre-decided dates to help unprivileged families to tie the knot of their daughter with self-esteem. Where donors also may be a part to bless newly married girls.

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