We Believe that in absence of proper education & awareness these females get infected with various deadly diseases  It is the need of the hour to visit them & talk to such females and make them aware of their rights

Project Overview

It aims to create Awareness & Medical Diagnosis of deadly Sexually transmitted diseases in Slums & Rural part of India for uneducated women.

Cause Introduction

In the backward sections of the society women and girl child are still not aware of the basic precautionary steps about their health. Most often, girls and women residing in slums witness several harsh situations and become victims of sexual exploitation and atrocities. Further being illiterate and unaware, they are not able to realize the seriousness of the evil acts against them and thus they silently tolerate everything. Under such circumstances, because of lack of information about personal hygiene and sexual infections, many of these girls and women get infected with some deadly diseases. 

As per research & various camps in different slums conducted by the Ladli Foundation,  resulted that, Those girls who go to school, might informed about the difference between a good and a bad touch & personal hygiene through counseling, but on the other hand what about those females who have never been in schools, how they will get to know about the complications caused by negligence of this subject?”

In absence of proper education & awareness these females get infected with various deadly diseases because of illiteracy and poverty, and are silently tolerating all the distress alone. It is the need of the hour to visit them & talk to such females and make them aware of their rights.

Introduction of our Concept

  Under this project our team conduct 10 days camp activity in each slum to invite young girls & women for their free health check-up (including blood tests) through Nukkad Natak (Street Plays)  where these unprivileged & uneducated girls are involved in multiple sexual relationships due to many reasons like sexual abuse at early age, exploitation, illiteracy, poverty etc. just because of these conditions they even do not have basic knowledge of menstruation hygiene and are expected to have knowledge about unprotected sex.

Plan Of Action

Health check-up (including blood tests) by doctors and individual counselling about sexual abuse , good touch bad Touch by team of trained Counselors.

Why their Health Check-ups and treatment is necessary?

These females are totally depended upon government clinics where they don’t event get a chance to get proper diagnosed and are provided with the medicines with an incomplete medical procedure, a few of them relay on self medication to avoid the crowd and waiting time that kills their income for a day.

How we are directly connected with the health of these girls?

Most of these girls work as domestic workers at our homes belongs to same unprivileged families, and act like a carrier of deadly disease as an examples “our families & our housemaid use a common knife in our kitchen. This knife could cut the hand of any of our family member & sometimes of housemaid too but we don’t bother to sterilize this knife.” Are we sure that our housemaid is not infected with HIV or any other transferable diseases? Are we sure that any family member of our housemaid is not infected with any transferable diseases?  No, we are not sure! Most of these housemaids belong to slums & lower social sector of society. Most of their husbands are addicted to alcohol & are involved in multiple unprotected sexual relationships. Most of the young uneducated girls in these poor families are a victim of violence & sexual exploitation by their own family members after heavy consumption of cheap quality alcohol. After this type of victimization, some of the girls involve themselves in multiple sexual relationships (unprotected sex) and choose to pursue unorganized sex as a profession and start an unsafe sex practice as their occupation.


As part of a project, we had successfully organized camps in highly populated slums in South Delhi under the CSR project of ONGC which was attended thousands young unprivileged girls and women. As part of the camp, blood samples were collected whereupon testing, it was found that more than 57 % of beneficiaries have highly increased Lymphocytes, low hemoglobin and low Platelets count which clearly indicate that they are suffering from severe chronicle diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV infection & other transferrable diseases at the very early age, which is quite an alarming rate.  Due to illiteracy and poverty, they have become the harmful portent of these deadly diseases and spreading the same.

We have Started intensive proper consultation & referral for these girls & also Provided this shocking data to government to arrange complete Medicare treatment to save these girls from deadly diseases.

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