Cause Introduction

While men and women are born equal, gender inequality still persists in our society. This deep-rooted belief and prejudice against women in every sphere of life is a major barrier to progress and prosperity. Even in a country like India, where goddesses are worshipped, it’s capital city is called the rape capital. Everyday hundreds of women face the problem of eve teasing, molestation and the list goes on. These crimes are ever-increasing at the rate of 6.4% per year. As many as 39 crimes are registered against women every hour.

This sad reality of our country needs a change and it needs it real quick.

Ladli Foundation Trust, a Delhi – based organisation, is one such body which works towards this change and have empowered more than 12000 girls.
The initiative of Delhi Police in association with Ladli Foundation is aiming to create the largest team of Laadli rakshaks, to make them believe in Gender Equality and upliftment of women’s to their dignity and self-respect. Why don’t we Indians mourn when our country’s capital is called the rape city?. The unprecedented revolution for removing the stymy label of rape capital.

Introduction of our Concept

Ladli rakshak or Ladli saviour is anyone who respects women, stands against the heinous actions against them and believes in the concept of gender equality.

#runforladli aims to motivate people to join hands in support of gender equality and to stop crimes against women.

It offers a platform for young boys who indulge in these petty activities to get enrolled into Skill India Movement, which would transform them from being a liability to an asset not only for their families but also for the society. The hope is that once these boys would stop fooling around, magnitude of crimes against women would reduced.

With the aim of creating at least one Ladli Rakshak in every household we can actually bring gender equality and stop crimes against women at grass root level. It is really important to come and join hands for this cause as it aims to change the mindset of people especially male population to come forward and raise voice for betterment of women and society.

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