Our Mission

Protect the women, empower the nation.

Ladli Foundation Trust is a verified non-profit organization renowned for its unique initiatives for empowering & rehabilitating thousands of unprivileged and uneducated females in slums & rural parts of India. Lying at the heart of Ladli foundation is the vision of creating a gender-neutral country by attempting to bring about a radical change in the mindsets of the people. It aims to establish the largest-ever workforce of LAADLI RAKSHAKS (Saviour of Women) in every house to promote the cause of gender equality and women safety. Ladli is also awarded with the official association of Delhi Police Department for its effective ground activities, outreach and innovative initiatives like #RunForLaadli, LaadliRakshak, #Saheli, etc. For the last seven years, ladli is involved in enhancing the quality of life of the socially victimized young women and has directly benefitted more than 15000 girls through its originative projects. The foundation has garnered a number of commendations from celebrated personalities including Shri Amitabh Bachchan, Home Minister of India, Cabinet Ministers and other well-known diplomats and dignitaries.

Ladli foundation is intensively working in order to save uneducated girls from exploitation & sexual abuse, for the last seven years & involved in enhancing the quality of life for girls & women in slums across India and directly benefited more than 15 thousand unprivileged girls & women by providing respectable job through free Computer & English training, also saved & rehabilitated thousands of young girls from the clutches of sexual exploitation, harassment, HIV by his innovative & unique conceptualized projects.

Aims & Objectives

We believe that only when women are helped can they have the confidence needed to stand up and defend their rights in a seemingly unequal, unfair world especially in  the third world, which in turn would further global well being.

  1.  To cater to the Healing of Mind and body of troubled and hurting young uneducated Girls born in 90s & before in slums  who are Verbally,  physically & sexually victimized by there close relatives and society due to the family of girls can not bear expenses of her marriage,
  2.  To coordinate with the Government to Make A policy to Provide financial help or platform to organize Mass weddings of Poor Girls at right age .  The Social & Administrative Participation to Promote Mass Weddings of Poor Girls Will help to Reduce the Cases of Eve Teasing ,sexual  Harassment, Molestation & Rape with uneducated unmarried  Girls  and After marriage of Those Girls it will help to reduce the cases of Dowry, Domestic Violence, & Female Feticide.
  3.  To establish appropriate structures to fight against domestic violence, sex abuse and trade; women trafficking.
  4.  To “help”, protect, defend & offer hope to hurting and disadvantaged women and ‘at risk’ children, who find themselves in situations they cannot handle, which with a little bit of care, love and direction, would steer them away from destructive paths, especially suicide.
  5.  To facilitate, as well as participate in the enactment of legislation and policies that cater to Women’s Rights, Including Violence Against Women, Child Abuse, Sexual Offences, Human Trafficking, Women Empowerment, Women’s Reproductive Rights, etc.
  6.  To have a Holistic Center that would offer different empowerment skills to train, develop and reinterate women into the society i.e: English Basics , computer basics, , parenting, financial planning, computer basics etc.

Ladli foundation is always focused to know why crimes like rape, sexual harassment, dowry are taking place against women in a society. What these people actually think about women? After going through all the records available & after analyzing their own experience, Ladli Foundation realized that the crimes against women is reporting mostly done by their own family members or relatives. Generally, people who are into addiction of drugs, alcohol or illiterate or poor surrounded by the heinous environment are one among the people who can never treat men & women equal.

In continuation the same Ladli Foundation Trust is working to take forward its initiative to pan India level to bring revolutionary changes towards gender equality women empowerment, to stop crimes against women and to spread awareness about the atrocious evils exploiting women of the underprivileged sections in India.

Our Founder

Ladli CEO and Founder, Devendra Kumar Gupta, a slum dweller who is crusading since his childhood in order to save uneducated girls from exploitation & sexual abuse, for the last 17 years he is involved in enhancing the quality of life for uneducated & unprivileged girls & women in slums of Delhi & NCR.  He is known for pioneering unique projects where he has directly benefited more than 15000 young females through his innovative projects. Devendra is a grassroots level social activist & is conferred with National Award by the Govt. of India. He has also been awarded with Honorary Doctorate for his outstanding social work. His name was officially nominated for Prestigious Padma Shri Award-2018 (4th Highest Civilian Award of India) by Ministry of Social Justice Govt. of India, for his extraordinary & revolutionary changes in the society. His unique idea to bring the male population to come forward to take a pledge to respect women & raise their voice to stop crimes against women.

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Our Story

Reason to establish Ladli Foundation Trust

A slum dweller who is crusading since his childhood in order to rehabilitated slum boys from clutches of drugs and is saving uneducated girls from exploitation & sexual abuse, for years and is involved in enhancing the quality of life slum dwellers. His long fight with dowry aspirant families for his sister’s marriage in the year 2010 turned his social journey for the welfare of those uneducated girls who couldn’t afford education due to poverty and old mentality of society about not providing education to their girls and started research to know about the situation poor unmarried girls. After 2-year research he got to know the shocking ground realities about the type of exploitation & eve practices those girls were facing.

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