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We encourage people to initiate any social activity with their efforts, rather than donating money to us.

A study conducted by AC Nielsen, ‘Sanitary Protection: Every woman’s health right’, reviewed and endorsed by the . . .

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Being born a girl significantly increases the risk of sexual violence, child exploitation, child . . .

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The proximity of Basic education and working as a domestic servant does not tend to dignitary survival.

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Mass marriage is an excellent concept that will reduce the probability of social victimization of deprived girls.

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Uniquely designed projects inculcating spark in the life of others.

Run For Laadli

The biggest revolution in Gender Equality & Women Safety with the joint association of Delhi Police through a unique half marathon to bring a large number of people to change the mindset of the society to support the cause which was inaugurated by Hon’ble Home Minister Of India.

While men and women are born equal, gender inequality still persists in our society. This deep-rooted belief and prejudice against women in every sphere of life is a major barrier to progress and prosperity. Even in a country like India, where goddesses are worshiped, it’s capital city is called the rape capital.

In the backward sections of the society women and girl child are still not aware of the basic precautionary steps about their health. Most often, girls and women residing in slums witness several harsh situations and become victims of sexual exploitation and atrocities.

Ladli Foundation through its Project “ SASHAKT” aims to create awareness in the society regarding Education and Necessary Skills required for the upliftment of the Girl Child. Education is the most important and effective tool which has the power to change the world. Being educated not only make you aware about the things but it helps you to survive.

Ladli Foundation Trust has witnessed the lives of people living in slum areas from the most proximate realm. we has seen that prominence of women in these areas is lower than that of animals. Destitution is so deeply rooted that to get their daughters married at an appropriate age.

Access to law and justice is the hallmark of any civilized and caring society—a basic necessity in a democracy governed by the rule of law. Access to justice means being treated fairly according to the law and if you are not treated fairly, being able to get appropriate redress. It also means making access to law less complex.


Connecting privileged with unprivileged.

We at Ladli Foundation Trust with a clear idea and and perspective are here to bridge a gap between the privileged and unprivileged through our various programs which not only provides a chance to all those who are busy in their mandate socialistic functions and are not able to contribute to the society.


Young men have motivated for gender equality  & to respect women


Females in slums & villages have sanitized about sexual abuse, personal hygiene & STD's


young girls have been provided free english & computer training.


girls saved from leaving their schooling


socially victimized females were rehabilitated through mass wedding


females in slums were provided complete medical check-up


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Research completed

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Upcoming project

Domestic Social Responsiblity

Protect Your Family by Protecting Your Domestic Servants

The Biggest Loyalty Programs between domestic servants & employers

We’re running a campaign to change the mindset of domestic servants to enhance loyalty towards their employers/owners & society overall by encouraging a large number of Upper-Class families to Gift a Health Insurance to their Domestic servants to give them a feeling of relief from sudden, unbearable medical expenses.

We wish to run a nationwide campaign under this project where we will promote and encourage every family to donate/buy a health insurance for their Domestic servants. This would be an insurance of a minimum amount which would not be more than a cost of a family dinner.

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